The aim of the ICCMR conferences is to promote the research and progress in the area of catalytic membrane systems by bringing together academic scientists and industry working in the membrane, catalysis and process engineering fields. The meeting will highlight recent developments, bring new ideas, help making contacts and create a platform for discussion between academics and practitioners. We strongly believe that all the participants will have a great opportunity to make beneficial contacts and exchange ideas. The conference is addressed also to young researchers who will have a chance to interact closely with senior scientists.

The scientific program will feature four motivating plenary lectures given by distinguished researchers, keynote lectures, oral presentations and poster sessions.

Topics to be covered by the conference:

I. Basics

  1. Catalytic Membrane Reactors (one-phase and multiphase systems).
  2. Catalytic Membrane Reactors (with catalytic membranes) vs. Inert Membrane Reactors (with inert membranes).
  3. Catalysts and membranes design for process intensification.
  4. Modelling and simulation for process optimization.

II. Applications

  1. Large-scale membrane reactors and membrane techniques integrated with industrial processes.
  2. Photocatalytic membrane reactors and membrane reactors utilizing other advanced oxidation processes.
  3. Electrochemical devices and transport applications of membrane reactors (fuel cells, electrolysers, electrochemical synthesis, etc.)
  4. Membrane bioreactors in wastewater treatment and biotechnology (cells and enzymes).
  5. Other membrane reactor applications (e.g. Artificial organs and tissue engineering, etc.).

Additionally, a special session devoted to presentation of research projects (EU, national, etc.) will be organized.

Organised by TECNALIA, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (Spain).